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CyberTeachers Live

Individual language training via online platform


Lesson plan custom-engineered every day, adapted to meet each individual's needs and learning objectives

  • A wide range of direct assistance tools like writing assistants, translators, dictionary and vocabulary optimizer that are available to course participants around the clock and independent of location
  • More than 600 business situation flashcards and role-play script
  • A multi-lingual user interface and various language levels
  • Live tutor and conversation courses 5 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • 1 month

Languages offered:


The Features

Personalized Program Content

Tailor-made classroom units. Training material is selected from over 600 professional situations and 218 job profiles, based on the Audit results.

Learning News
Your personalized newspaper! Articles from the press tailor-made by the learner, plus videos, ads, learning games and more.

Live Coaching
Live tutoring at all times! The learner is never alone, with a simple click your personal tutor appears on-screen, ready to answer your questions either orally or in writing.

Flash Lessons

A short lesson is sent, Monday to Friday, to the trainees' mailbox. In only 5 minutes, the learners review a grammar rule, learn an idiomatic expression and get advice on common mistakes to avoid. The Flash Lessons provide daily practice of the language and motivate trainees to connect to the program on a regular basis.