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Evening Class

Group - Evening Class - new

An evening training  programme,  for a cost-effective solution  and quick learning progress. Choose the Business English Class  for successful learning.


  • English only
  • 4 - 9 participants per group
  • 10 sessions of 2:15 hours (30 lessons total   1 lesson = 45 minutes, including a 5 minute break). Fixed starting dates
  • Wednesday 18.45pm - 21.00pm
  • CEF B-level
  • Full immersion in the target language from the very first lesson
  • Instruction with the Berlitz Method from native-fluency instructor(s)
  • Added motivation thanks to the learning partners
  • A friendly and motivating environment with other learners at your skill level
  • An affordable and fun solution

Lesson conditions:

  • 4-9 participants: 30 lessons
  • 3 participants : 21 lessons 
  • 2 participants: 15 lessons 
  • 1 participants: Cancelled

In the interest of the students, Berlitz may eliminate or merge certain classes if the number of participants is insufficient or split them if there are too many students. If the number of participants is lower than the minimum number required to start up the formula selected, Berlitz will adapt the number of lessons depending on the number of participants. Berlitz will also be able to transfer a student into a different group if it corresponds better to his/her level.

*Group courses take place on days and times fixed by the school. These lessons can not be postponed or refunded. Lessons that fall on a public holiday will be deferred.

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