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Power Class - Dutch for Beginners


Group - NT 2 Exams

The NT2  prepares  learners  for the state examination in Dutch, known as the NT2 exam. If you are looking for a cost-effective and fast-paced  learning process, choose the NT2 Club for successful learning.


  • Duration : 6 weeks, 24 lessons total (1 lesson = 45 minutes, including a 5-minute break
  • 2x per week a session of 1:30 hours in the morning, afternoon or evening, or 1x per week a session of 3:00 hrs. on Saturday morning
  • Levels: B1 (NT2-I) and B2 (NT2-II)


  • 1-3 participants
  • Lessons are guaranteed to start, even with one learner
  • Full immersion in the target language from the very first lesson
  • Goal-oriented exam preparation with native-fluency instructor(s)
  • A friendly and motivating environment with other learners at your skill level
  • An affordable and pleasant alternative
  • You can start anytime in the year - subject to a 1 month period after the registration date

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