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Individual Instruction Premium

Individual premium

Individual Instruction Premium

Individual, intensive and effective training with as many lessons as the student wants. Flexible course planning and individual timetable.

Programme for the languages below: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian

  • 40 private lessons
    (1 lesson is 45 minutes, including a 5 minute break)

The benefits:

  • Quick learning progress through intensive training
  • Greatest possible flexibility for the timetable
  • You think and speak in the new language from the start
  • Native / fluent teachers
  • Core themes chosen according to your needs
  • You have 100% of the language instructors' attention
  • Begin whenever you have the time. With Individual Training Premium you have full flexibility with timetable and length of contract. You can even postpone one of your lessons to a later date, with notification up to 2 p.m. of the previous workday.


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