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Evening Group

Frequently Asked Questions for Evening Groups

For whom is an Evening Group the right solution?

Evening Groups are suitable for anyone interested in learning a language in a fun, relaxed, social atmosphere, using the effective Berlitz Method.

At what levels are the Evening Groups?

All Evening Groups, except for English, are for total beginners. However, if there are enough participants, a group at another level can be formed. Contact your local Berlitz representative to inquire about options for training at different levels.

Where do Evening Groups take place?

Evening Groups take place at one of our learning centers in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Maastricht.

How many people are in the Evening Groups?

Evening Groups have a maximum of eight participants.

 What is the schedule for Evening Groups, and how long are the courses?

Evening Groups meet once a week from 18:45-21:00 (a session of 3 Berlitz "lesson units" of 45 minutes). With 5-8 participants, the course is a total of 10 weeks (30 lesson units). To see exact starting dates and on which day lessons take place, please select your desired location and target language below.

 What happens if there are fewer than 5 participants in a group?

With fewer than 5 participants in a group, the length of the course will result in one of the following options: 

  • 4 participants: course of 8 weeks (24 lesson units)
  • 3 participants: course of 6 weeks (18 lesson units)

 With fewer than 3 participants in a group, the course will not take place at one of our centers, but through an eBerlitz solution: 

  •  2 participants: course of 8 weeks of live lessons through Berlitz Virtual Classroom, a total of 8 sessions of 1:30 hours (2 lesson units per session, total 16 lesson units)
  • 1 participant: an individualized Blended Learning package of 12 live one-on-one telephone/Skype lessons of 30' + a 3-month all-access license for CyberTeachers (the interactive and customized online learning platform from Berlitz)

 Why does the length and type of the course depend on the number of participants?

The more participants in a group, the longer it generally takes to progress through the material. With fewer participants, it is possible to cover the same material in less time. Arranging it in this way also guarantees that you will be able to start your training without delay, and that the costs per participant will remain the same, no matter how many others join.

Does the price per participant also depend on the number of participants?

No. The price per participant remains the same, no matter which option occurs.

 I still have some questions... whom can I contact?

 The right solution for you will depend on your motivation, goals, preferences, etc. Contact your local Berlitz representative now for a free consultation!