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Training by Phone

Training by phone Premium

Your teacher is just one phone call away40 sessions of 30 minutes, anywhere in the world!

Language courses by telephone: who are they for?

Language courses by telephone are recommended for anyone who must improve his or her language skills quickly, and for people who need intensive oral practice in professional communication.


  • Languages available: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish
  • 1 lesson by telephone lasts 30 minutes
  • The teachers are available 24/7
  • Maximum flexibility: possibility for the trainee to postpone a lesson up to six hours before it starts
  • Personalized and efficient training
  • Booking platform is interactive and simple to use, accessible on line 24/7
  • 100% concentration on the conversation
  • Virtual blackboard thanks to which the trainer and the learner can discuss and exchange documents during the lesson
  • The trainees can follow their lessons by telephone at home, from their office, from a hotel room or from any other location equipped with a fixed telephone or via Skype. They need only indicate a telephone number and a time slot for the next lesson and the trainer will call them wherever they are anywhere in the world.

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