General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of Berlitz Schools of Languages BV

All expressions relating to personal data refer equally to men and women.

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  1. Our general terms and conditions are applicable exclusively as of the learner's enrolment. No exceptions may be made to these rules except by express written agreement, signed by both parties.
  2. Fees and materials for private and group courses are payable upon enrolment. For companies, the invoice will be issued upon receipt of the purchase order. Invoices to companies are payable within a delay of 30 days as from the first lesson.
  3. The rate applied at the time of registration remains applicable during 3 months. After this period of time, the remaining lessons, if any, can be subject to a price increase. The same period of validity is applicable to offer prices, which remain valid during 3 months as from the offer date.
  4. Learners can book a face-to-face individual lesson if they inform the school secretariat no later than 1 week before the actual day of the lesson.
  5. For private face to face courses (with the exception of telephone lessons), learners can cancel or postpone certain lessons provided they notify the school's planning office, by email only, no later than four calendar days before the actual day of the lesson before 2.00 pm.; for example no later than Monday 2.00 pm for a lesson scheduled on Friday.  Private distance lessons can be cancelled or postponed at before 1.00 pm on the last working day before the lesson in question. No private class missed without notice can be recouped. After 2 consecutive absences without notice, the scheduled timetable for the private lessons may be suspended, in the interests of the learner. At the request of the learner or his or her company, the value of classes not taken may be transferred to any other school within the BERLITZ Group, notwithstanding the fact that the new school may apply a different rate. Credit for classes not taken may also be reimbursed, provided that this is requested by registered letter within 6 months of the enrolment date and subject to the deduction of administrative costs at the fixed rate of 100 Euros.
  6. Face to face and distance group lessons will be held on the days and at the times determined by BERLITZ and may under no circumstances be postponed or reimbursed. Lessons falling on a public holiday will be brought forward. If the minimum number of participants for a group lesson is not reached, an alternative solution can be proposed. In the interests of learners, BERLITZ may withdraw or merge some classes if the number of participants is too low or, alternatively, split them if numbers are too high. BERLITZ may also transfer a learner to another class if this is more commensurate with his or her level.
  7. In order to habituate learners to a variety of pronunciations, teachers may be changed.
  8. All lessons (except for telephone lessons) will be of 45 minutes' duration, including a 5-minute break.
  9. All private telephone lessons will be of 30 minutes' duration. Learners can cancel these lessons up to 6 hours before the start of the lesson, via the Netplanning platform.
  10. Complaint procedure: all complaints need to be submitted in writing via Within 48 hours a confirmation receipt will be sent. It is Berlitz’ policy to finalize the complaint entirely within 4 weeks after the initial complaint.  All complaints will be dealt with in a confidential manner.  Berlitz provides a possibility to appeal through an independent third party, i.e. Koenen & Co The Netherlands. The judgment of this third party is final and binding. Each complaint and the method in which it was handled will be registered and filed for a duration of 10 years.
  11. Advertising: Berlitz uses and processes the personal data of each customer for its own promotional purposes by sending the customer information about goods or services which are similar to those already ordered or booked by the customer. The customer may revoke permission to this use of his or her data at any time by sending an email with subject line “Data Protection" to The customer’s data shall then be deleted.

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